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This wiki is about the video game series known as Burnin' Rubber. Mainly about the 6 games of the series, and the tracks and cars available on this series.

Wiki Contributors, you could help by adding some pages about the cars or adding more information.

Burnin' Rubber DespacitoEdit

Burnin' Rubber 2 is a online game series owned mainly by Roblox, but is mainly promoted on Unity. The music is by Luis Fonsi and it's dead

Burnin' Rubber Gangnam StyleEdit

The superior version of Burnin' Rubber Despacito. It's owned by Bad Dragon. The music is made by PSY.


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Burnin Rubber 5 Main theme1

The Burnin' Rubber 5 main start screen. Panini is seen in the street.

Burnin' Rubber Series Comparison
Stats Burnin' Rubber Burnin' Rubber 2 Burnin' Rubber 3 Burnin' Rubber 4 Burnin' Rubber 5 (Right)
Challenges 51 36

-37 Campaign Challenges

-365 known Daily Challenges (Known only due to Leap Year) No leap year since publication.

Years Released (On Shockwave) 2007 2008 2009 2010 2013
Cars -Very few, due to first installation. -Several more amount to total. -More unlocked in challenges. -Cars available by beating "Ticket" Levels. -About (roughly estimate) 25 cars
Description Im idiot im stop it You Mom is trash Idiot Ok. CarDragYT No autism xD